I. hook hook 1 [hʊk] verb [transitive]
1. informal to succeed in attracting someone:

• These tactics have helped hook such big clients as Coca-Cola.

2. to connect one piece of electronic equipment to another piece of equipment or to an electricity supply:
hook something to/​into something

• Hook one of the telephone lines to the fax machine.

hook into something phrasal verb [transitive]
to connect to a computer, telephone, television etc system:

• The sales force can hook into a central computer and find out the latest product information.

hook something → up phrasal verb [transitive]
to connect one piece of electronic equipment to another piece of equipment or to an electricity supply:

• Don't forget to hook up the printer.

— see also hookup
hook up to something phrasal verb [transitive]
COMPUTING to become connected to the Internet, a telephone system etc:

• Many companies are hooking up electronically to the Stock Exchange.

hook up with somebody/​something phrasal verb [transitive]
informal to agree to work with another organization for a particular purpose:

• Japanese companies are rushing to hook up with foreign designers.

  [m0] II. hook hook 2 noun [countable]
1. MARKETING something that attracts customers:

• Free hotel rooms are one of the hooks designed to bring in new clients.

2. off the hook if a person or business is off the hook, they are allowed to get out of a difficult situation, especially one they might have been punished for:

• The broker isn't off the hook yet for the security violations.

3. be on the hook (for something) to have to pay for something, especially something that is not really your responsibility:

• Two dozen banks are on the hook for at least $100 million each.

* * *

hook UK US /hʊk/ noun [C] INFORMAL
MARKETING something that is used to attract customers' attention, and encourage them to buy a product or service: »

Special deals on bestsellers are used as hooks to sell volumes from publishers' back catalogues.

be on the hook (for sth/to do sth) — Cf. be on the hook to do sth
off the hook — Cf. off the hook
hook UK US /hʊk/ verb [T]
MARKETING to attract someone's attention or encourage them to buy a product or service: »

Financial marketers know that money-off deals hook customers and keep them loyal.


Once people have tried this product, they will be hooked for life.

IT to connect a machine to a power supply, or to another machine: hook sth to sth »

The high-speed digital connector is used to hook all kinds of devices to your computer.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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